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  • Joseph @ (Thursday, January 30 14 03:01 pm EST)

    Thank you for taking a moment to add your business to our free directory. I love the creativity and personality of your site/business. Great stuff! I wish you continued success.

  • Tony and Olga (Friday, September 06 13 02:12 pm EDT)

    My wife and I are looking forward to eating at your food truck again this year. I do so love your pernil (pulled pork) and rice with pink beans!

  • Pennie Douglas (Thursday, July 11 13 11:40 am EDT)

    The Chili is amazing spicy but not overbearing. I love it.

  • John (Tuesday, June 11 13 10:16 am EDT)

    Your ox tails were great.

  • Jeremy (Tuesday, May 14 13 08:08 am EDT)

    Your hot dogs were great! My kids and I enjoyed all 6 hot dogs and 2 Italian sausages- I ate the 2 sausages and a dog!!
    Good Luck in your endevours-

  • Tony and Olga (Thursday, December 06 12 09:26 am EST)

    Que buena estaba la comida de ayer! Wow RICA!!
    Dame mas por favor

  • Steven B (Monday, October 08 12 10:31 am EDT)

    I came by on Saturday night at Proof and had one of your brats with saurkraut & mustard and the potato salad on the side- YUMMY! I'll keep watching out for you..
    Good brats!!

  • Bohemian Babushka (Saturday, September 15 12 10:04 am EDT)

    Can't wait to try a dog! Best of Luck mujer y muchos BB2U.

  • Sandie (Tuesday, July 03 12 09:24 am EDT)

    Your dawgs sound great. Can't wait to try em when u start coming to Southwood. I can't deal with the Nightmare on Tharpe St". U r so creative Mia

  • Lisa S (Monday, July 02 12 10:34 am EDT)

    Dale Chica! Island Pound Hounds food truck looks good so far. I can't wait for you to roll down the street and feed me some HOT DOGS!

  • DeAnna (Monday, June 04 12 08:09 pm EDT)

    The build looks good. REMEMBER- slow & steady wins the race, take your time with the build- it will pay off in the long run!

  • Hungry Co-worker (Friday, March 16 12 01:55 pm EDT)

    I can't wait for your truck to be up and running.
    My mouth is watering already!

  • Diane Power (Friday, March 02 12 09:27 am EST)

    The website is lookinh good!

  • Monique (Friday, March 02 12 02:27 am EST)

    Way To Go !!!! Love it :D

  • Debbie (Wednesday, February 15 12 10:48 am EST)

    I am so excited. It is such a good feeling when someones dreams are becoming a reality. I wish you luck and mucho success.
    I'll take mine with onions and mustard.

  • Shannon (Saturday, February 11 12 05:02 pm EST)

    Oh Mia, you just made my day when I saw you listed ChowChow! Being an owner of 3 beautiful chows this made my day. You need to let me know what's on this beautiful dawg! My family loves their dawgz!

  • Yelitza Zubr (Friday, February 10 12 03:20 pm EST)

    This hot dogs are the BEST!!!!! Thank you Mia, this is great!! I can't stop looking for my favorite green bus!!! Yummm.. Yummm