Monthly Haute Dawgz - Special Sale

Praire Dawgz






Come on out to the truck this month and try our delicious PRAIRE DAWGZ on a stick!

(they taste like chicken!!) 

Each DAWGZ is carefully marinated in a "secret" Taino sauce for your dining pleasure!

Ramona's Dawgz

Ramon's Dawgz are those "special" friends that helped Ramona reach her full potential!  These FURiends made it possible for Ramona to get all her paint, wrap, tune-up, tires and all her little quirks "fixed". 

A shout goes out to:


  1. Marta Justiniano Byron de Marchany
  2. Dedra Tucker-Jones
  3. Cheryle Gunter Daub 


Top DAWGZ in da Pound

This COULD be You!

Want to try and join the few and elite TOP DAWGZ in da Pound? Then check our calendar and see when we have our quarterly POUND HOUND Eat Off and sign up to compete in our Island Pound Hounds TOP DAWGZ Challenge.   Eat 16 hot dogs in the alloted time and have your picture placed in the Top Dawgz page and get your Top Dawgz T-shirt.


The rules of the challenge are incredibly strict:


1. Contestants must be 18 years of age to enter.

2. 5 minutes.  No exceptions.

3. No leaving the IPH food truck area, or going to the bathroom.

4. Throwing up = Disqualification.

5. $5 Entry Fee (goes towards our monthly donation to the animal shelter)


  In other words ...



 Only entire hot dogs will be counted (an entire hot dog includes the bun) condiments (limited to ketchup and mustard only) will be provided. No other condiments allowed. 


 Contestants will have 5 minutes to down as many of the 16 Hot Dogs they can handle 


 Contestants may drink only water while eating their hot dogs. Water will be provided Buns and Hot Dogs may be separated, dunked in water or mangled. All portions of the Hot Dogs (including the bun) must be eaten 


 When the 5-minute time limit is up contestants may not put any additional Hot Dogs or buns in their mouths. They will then have 20 seconds to swallow what is in their mouths. Any contents remaining in contestant’s mouths at the end of the 20 seconds will not be counted 


 Partially eaten Hot Dogs will not be counted 


 Visible signs of sickness will result in disqualification 


 Ties will be decided by an "eat off"


Ready, Set, GO.  Let's do it!